Withdrawing from Sorare via Coinbase – this is how it works

How can you withdraw funds from Sorare? We are hearing this question time and again. That’s why we’ve summarized the process here so that you can easily make a withdrawal via Coinbase. You will need to have an account at Coinbase. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here (by the way: you can also get a bonus paid in Bitcoin; further information can be found on the Coinbase website).

It’s obviously possible to use your Coinbase account on your PC or laptop. Most people, however, prefer using the Coinbase app which is what we’re using as an example here.

To start, you’ll need an Ethereum address to transfer your ETH from Sorare. If you don’t know much about that: It’s similar to transferring money from one bank account to another. Tap on ‘More’ to start.

Then you need to tap on ‘Receive’ as you want to transfer funds to Coinbase.

Now you can see the address which you can simply copy. The address is a combination of digits and lower and upper case letters. Then you’ll have to go to your Sorare account and open the wallet there. Select ‘Withdraw’, then you can enter your Ethereum address.

We recommend that you should test a transfer first by sending a small amount to Coinbase. You should then see the ETH funds in your Coinbase app. You can simply exchange that into any currency such as USD, EUR or GBP. To do that, you’ll have to tap on ‘Assets’.

Then you select Ethereum and tap on ‘More’.

You can then convert ETH into another cryptocurrency or you can sell it at the current exchange rate. As you want to withdraw money, you’ll have to select that option (‘Sell ETH for cash’).

Now you have to enter the amount of ETH you want to sell, then tap on ‘Preview sell’.

To finish and receive your chosen currency, you’ll have to tap on ‘Sell now’.

In most cases, the respective amount will then show up under ‘Assets’ immediately and you can choose to withdraw it from Coinbase to another account. This process will usually take one or two business days, more information can be found on the Coinbase website.

Withdrawing funds from Sorare via Coinbase

The information above seems to be a bit complicated at first but every step is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, it’s currently necessary to use a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase because Sorare is not able to offer direct withdrawals to your bank account.

You have additional questions about playing on Sorare? On our website, you can find a lot of information. If you want to sign up and try it for free, you can find the most important aspects here or you can just sign up right now.

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