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How to compose and follow your team

When you want to compete against other baseball fans from around the world, you’ll have to pick a tournament first. The tournaments have different entry requirements regarding the cards you can use.

The Common All Star tournament is specifically for new managers who have not purchased any cards yet. After registration, you will receive your first set of cards which you can use to play for free without any time limits. Other tournaments require you to purchase cards first which can then be used in the roster.

As soon as you have found a tournament to join, you can start composing your team. For each position, you will see every player who is available to fill the slot. Your players are ordered by scarcity (meaning that Rare cards will be listed first for Rare tournaments while Common cards are listed first for the Common All Star tournaments), then by the average points they have scored across the season.

In addition to the average score, you can also see the bonus that is associated with the respective cards. This is based on the experience points (XP) which are awarded when cards are included in tournaments or in training. You’ll also see how many games the team has scheduled across the game week. For starting pitchers, it is also indicated that they are scheduled to start during the game week.

When the first games of a game week begin, you’ll be able to track the performance of your players in real time. Simply go to the ‘Live’ tab in the lobby where you can see a snapshot of all MLB games in which your players are participating. You can also follow each of your players scoring points based on their plays on the mound or at the dish. Finally, you can track your performance on the overall leaderboard for every tournament that you are competing in.

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