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Card types and scarcities – Unique, Super Rare, Rare, Limited

You can find five different player card types in Sorare: MLB. Each type has different scarcity values which are needed to unlock the ability to participate in different tournaments during the game weeks.

Unique: Black, 1 card per player/season
Super Rare: Blue, 100 cards per player/season
Rare: Red, 1000 cards per player/season
Limited: Yellow, 5000 cards per player/season
Common: Grey, unlimited number of cards

The Common cards are awarded for free. You will receive the first cards directly after you have signed up and you can get additional cards for competing in the Common All Star league. These cards cannot be bought, sold or traded.

All card types with a pre-defined scarcity (i.e. Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards) can be purchased during auctions on the Sorare: MLB market or bought from other managers. It is also possible to trade cards with other managers. Finally, cards with defined scarcities can be won as rewards if you achieve a certain ranking in one of the tournaments. You can have a look at the prize pool before a game week starts.

Elements of Sorare: MLB cards

While the player cards on Sorare: MLB differ across scarcities, all cards have some core elements in common. That includes:

  • Player photo
  • Team logo
  • Player name
  • Player position
  • Card season
  • Serial number

The serial number ensures that each Limited, Rare and Super Rare card is distinct from the other cards of the same type. Furthermore, you can find two special serial numbers on the respective cards across Limited, Rare and Super Rare cards:

  • Serial #1
  • ‘Jersey Match’: the serial number that matches the number the player wears on their jersey

Both of those two serial numbers have a special design on the card to make them look even more special and add more value for collectors.

Sorare: MLB – get started

On the pages listed below, you can find some more important background about Sorare: MLB

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