Digital trading cards – sports business is booming

Digital trading cards have developed into a real boom. Such cards are also becoming increasingly popular among baseball fans. Instead of classic baseball cards, they are now available on the Internet. There is a big advantage: If you have bought a card, you can swap or sell it at any time with other users around the world. This concept is based on modern blockchain technology. Every buyer gets a proof of ownership to a specific card, which can be transferred again at any time – all of which is recorded on the blockchain.

Sorare is one of the companies experiencing strong growth in the market for digital trading cards. Users can already find player cards from more than 250 football teams worldwide on the platform. This summer, the concept will be transferred to another sport for the first time – baseball will then start to be available on Sorare (here you can find all the information about how the game works exactly).

Sorare’s success is primarily based on a special feature. On this platform, baseball cards are not just there for collecting. Instead, managers have the chance to enter tournaments with their cards and earn points in fantasy leagues. The basis for this are, of course, the actions of players in real games. If you have collected a lot of points at the end of a game week, you can end up high in the overall ranking, giving you a chance to win more cards. This allows you to gradually enlarge your gallery or generate money on the transfer market to reinforce your team.

Overall, this gives fans the opportunity to put their baseball expertise to the test. You may want to bet on young players who really show their potential later on, leading to significant increases in the value of your trading cards. And which fan hasn’t thought that they could be a much better GM of their favorite team? With the help of digital trading cards and the Sorare transfer market, you can demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of team management.

Technical foundation for digital trading cards

All cards offered on Sorare as well as on similar platforms are generally referred to as NFTs or non-fungible tokens. In short, this means that all cards are different from each other. On Sorare, this is reflected by a number on each card, representing a type of scarcity. Sometimes even the design of the cards differs in the same rarity. In addition, you can collect experience points in fantasy tournaments, which may further increase the value of a specific card. Such experience points provide a small advantage in the game.

NFTs have frequently made negative headlines in recent months. In contrast to many providers, who primarily want to benefit from the booming market, however, Sorare revolves around a combination of a passion for collecting and NFT utility. Digital trading cards can not only be used on the platform itself, but also with partners. Such games should certainly be interesting for sponsors in the medium term. This is primarily based on the exclusive partnerships such as the cooperation between Major League Baseball and Sorare.

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