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Scoring system and roster

Every roster for a fantasy baseball tournament on Sorare: MLB consists of seven cards which will score points based on the scoring system outlined below. To take part in a tournament, you’ll have to include the following positions:

  • Starting Pitcher
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Corner Infielder (includes either 1B, 3B or DH)
  • Middle Infielder (includes either 2B, SS or C)
  • Outfielder
  • Extra Hitter (you can use any hitter)
  • Flex (you can use any player)

Each of your cards can only be used in one tournament per game week. When you have two or more cards showing the same player, you can only use the player once in a line-up. However, you can use the same player in a different line-up during the same game week.

The scoring system on Sorare: MLB is based on actions. Virtually any event that happens on the baseball field will immediately translate into points scored by your players.

Below, you can find a complete breakdown of points awarded for specific actions during games in two separate categories.

Hitting Category

Run: 3
Run Batted In: 3
Single: 2
Double: 5
Triple: 8
Home Run: 10
Walk: 2
Strikeout: -1
Stolen Base: 5
Hit By Pitch: 2

Pitching Category

Inning Pitched: 3
Strikeout: 2
Hit Allowed: -0.5
Earned Run: -2
Walk: -1
Hit Batsmen: -1
Win: 5
Save: 10
Hold: 5

It’s important to note that players can score negative points during a game week, depending on their performances.

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