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The market – buying or selling players

You can buy cards in two different areas on Sorare: MLB’s market. There are auctions for new cards and there are sales by other managers.

During auctions, you can buy newly minted cards directly from Sorare so that you will be the first-ever owner of a digital player card. You can see the time when a card will be sold in every auction. If you are the highest bidder when this particular auction expires, you have bought the card which is then added to your gallery.

The area for manager sales allows everybody who has registered an account on Sorare: MLB and purchased at least one card previously to list their own card(s) for sale. It is a peer-to-peer secondary marketplace. When you buy a card for the listed price, it will be added to your gallery instantly.

Buying cards

If you want to purchase freshly minted cards directly from Sorare during auctions, you can simply use the market tab in the game. On the market, you can use different filters on the left side to find a specific card. When you click on the ‘Bid’ button, you will see a pop-up asking for credit card or ETH payment. Choose your payment method, define the bid, then click on ‘Bid’.

You may have to validate credit card payments to validate your bid. If you are using your Sorare wallet for a payment, choose ETH as payment method, define your bid, then click on ‘Bid’ (no further validation is required).

Buying an existing card from another manager works in a similar way. The difference here is that you’re purchasing a card directly. Note that there is a 10% fee for direct purchases when you’re using your credit card. For payments with your ETH balance in your Sorare wallet, there is no additional fee.

Selling cards

Any of the cards you have purchased or traded can be listed for sale at any time. If you want to sell a card, you just need to go to your gallery and click on the respective card. In the next window, click on the button ‘List my card’ to define your price. The card will then be listed for 48 hours.

If the card is not sold, it will simply remain in your gallery. If another manager buys the card, it will be removed from your gallery immediately as well as from the line-up for any upcoming tournaments. If the card is used in the line-up during a game week that has already started, the score will still count towards your team’s total score. (Note: It doesn’t matter when the card is listed. The time of the actual sale is relevant in this case.)

You can only sell cards with a pre-defined scarcity, i.e. Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards. Common cards are awarded for free and cannot be sold or traded to other managers.

Sorare: MLB – get started

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