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The American League West (AL West) is one of six divisions in Major League Baseball. It consists exclusively of teams that are based in Texas and on the US West Coast. Five teams currently play in the AL West:

Houston Astros (to website )
Los Angeles Angels (to website )
Oakland Athletics (to website )
Seattle Mariners (to website )
Texas Rangers (to website )

The AL West was formed in 1969 along with the AL East. Before that, both the American League and the National League consisted of ten teams that were not organized into separate divisions.

Two of today’s teams (Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics) have been part of the AL West since its inception. The Texas Rangers joined in 1972 after moving from Washington, DC. The Seattle Mariners followed in 1977 as an expansion team. The Houston Astros finally joined in 2013, the team had previously been part of the National League.

The Houston Astros are the reigning American League West champions. The team ended the 2021 season with a 95-67 record, winning the AL West for the fourth time. The team then lost to the Atlanta Braves in the World Series.

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