MLB stats – important background for all users

Statistics have played a very important role in baseball for many years. In the real game, they are important to evaluate the progress of a team or a player. In fantasy baseball, stats are just as important. They provide the most important basis for many managers when deciding for or against a specific player.

If you play fantasy baseball on Sorare, you should therefore take a regular look at relevant statistics. Even on the official website of Major League Baseball (MLB), there is a huge pile of information available under ‘Stats’, providing many key figures.

In most cases, current market values for players who are listed high in the statistics are also pretty high. However, there are always some outliers. When a player is in particularly good shape, their market value on Sorare often increases significantly while a few bad games in a row can cause the market value to go down. This is not always immediately noticeable in the statistics. Some particularly good or bad games are significantly more important at the beginning of the season than after 50 or even 100 games.

In addition, there are other sources of statistical data apart from MLB itself. The Baseball Reference website is particularly well known. Data on more than 20,000 players can already be found there, and new professionals are constantly being added. FanGraphs also has a huge database of stats, which is supplemented with hundreds of articles and blog posts every month.

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