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On this page, you can find answers to many frequently asked questions about your wallet on Sorare: MLB. These answers are especially important for users who are interested in buying digital baseball cards on the website, but have no experience with payments in the ETH cryptocurrency or blockchain technology in general. You can also find some more information on the official website in the ‘Help’ section.

If you are wondering where to buy and sell Ether (ETH); you can have a look at various crypto exchanges; two well-known exchanges are Binance and Coinbase. If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with the Sorare support directly or contact us.

You haven’t signed up yet? Then you should register an account on Sorare using this link and try fantasy baseball for free. Based on our own experience, we know that virtually all questions which potential managers have before signing up will be quickly answered by simply competing in the first fantasy tournaments.

I have cancelled a withdrawal and now my balance shows 0 ETH. Why?

Don’t worry, your ETH balance has not disappeared. When you start a withdrawal but then interrupt the process for some reason, your ETH balance will be ‘locked’. It is therefore no longer visible in your wallet on Sorare. To transfer the funds back to your wallet, you just have to follow these two steps:

  • Go to the “Withdraw” or “Withdraw to” tab in the wallet.
  • Click the button ‘Cancel Withdrawal’.

Your ETH balance will then be transferred back to your wallet.

Can I speed up my withdrawal?

Unfortunately, withdrawals to external wallets cannot be accelerated as the process depends on the external service used. If you experience a delay for your withdrawal, it’s probably because gas fees are high as the Ethereum network is busy.

Gas fees are payments which are made by users to cover the cost of the computing power that is necessary to complete any transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (you can find some more background on this topic here).

Gas fees can vary depending on the current usage of the Ethereum network. The rule of thumb says that gas fees for processing any transaction are higher when the network is busy; they will decrease again when there is less traffic. This may result in delays for transactions which are outside of Sorare’s control. You can track how busy the network currently is on Etherscan.

What is a Metamask wallet?

Metamask is one of the most popular browser extensions which are used as a wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is very easy to connect Metamask to the Ethereum blockchain. Metamask allows any user to interact with applications based on Ethereum without the need to download the entire blockchain to the respective device. Metamask is generally considered to be one of the best Ethereum wallets for easy access to Web3 applications such as Sorare: MLB.

The wallet is compatible with a variety of browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge (Safari is currently not supported). Metamask can be used to store ETH, the native currency for the Ethereum blockchain, as well as for tokens based on the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols (ERC-721 is the standard which Sorare is built on).

How do I fund my Sorare: MLB account with different wallets?

If you want to fund your Sorare wallet via your credit card, Ramp provides one of the easiest options. You will not have to pay any fees for using Ramp.

Alternatively, you can also transfer ETH from another wallet that you are already using. Some popular examples are Wallet Connect or the Coinbase Wallet as mobile options. Metamask is another option which is mostly used as a browser extension on PCs or laptops.

Once you have deposited funds to your wallet, you can start bidding during auctions or buy cards from other managers on Sorare: MLB’s market.

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Additional questions and answers about your wallet

There are even more frequently asked questions regarding wallets and other game-related topics on the Sorare website when you go to the ‘Help’ section. It is also possible to simply send a request to the Sorare support.

In addition, we have put together some more FAQs on the following pages:

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