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The 4 things you should know about Sorare before joining

More and more baseball fans are getting interested in one question – what is Sorare? The simple explanation: Sorare is a free-to-play fantasy baseball game that is played with digital trading cards. You can also choose to buy more valuable cards with a specified scarcity (Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique) to compete in additional tournaments. The best players can win additional cards. Moreover, all cards except for the Common cards that you get for free after signing up can be sold to other managers at any point.

You only have to sign up to try the game yourself. When you set up your own manager account, you will receive the first set of Common Cards. Those cards can be used for the Casual League with game weeks running from Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday.

Once you are familiar with the concept you can buy additional cards showing players from the entire Major League Baseball (MLB) on the market. These cards are useful to create lineups for additional fantasy leagues where you can win more cards.

As you can see, the idea behind Sorare: MLB is simple and fun. Below, we’re providing some additional background – these are the four things you might be interested in before trying it yourself.

You want to test Sorare: MLB now? Then you can register for free and start playing today.

1. Huge growth in fantasy sports

You can find fantasy leagues for almost every kind of sports. Global industry sales exceeded $22 billion in 2021, up nearly 10 percent year-on-year. By 2027, sales are even expected to increase to more than $40 billion.

Fantasy baseball also comes in many different varieties. Players may have to work with a fixed budget for the season, limiting their signings. Roster changes are only possible to a limited extent in many versions. The basic concept, however, remains the same. Individual players collect points with their actions in real life. Fantasy baseball is therefore all about deciding about which players will score as many points as possible to finish high up on the leaderboard.

At Sorare, the concept of fantasy baseball has been developed to the next level. The scoring system is still based on real-life actions, but you can buy individual players as digital trading cards to create your own roster. As a manager, you will then own a card just like a physical card. Technically, these cards have a pre-defined scarcity and are referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Since you actually own all the cards, you can sell them again at any time – or even use them for additional games organized by Sorare partners.

2. Basics – what is Sorare exactly?

Sorare brings fantasy baseball and blockchain technology together. As with regular fantasy baseball, the players in your lineup earn points with their actions in real games. At the end, all points are added up and compared with the results of the other managers. If you finish high in the final ranking for a game week, you can look forward to additional cards as prizes.

At Sorare, you can buy the players from all 30 teams in the MLB. Prior to launching the baseball version, Sorare started with football (soccer) trading cards. More than 280 teams from all over the world are already available on the website. That includes some of the best teams in the world, e.g. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich. In addition, Sorare have also partnered with the NBA to offer basketball trading cards. If you sign up to Sorare: MLB, you can simply switch to the football or basketball version when you have signed in to your account. Just like for fantasy baseball, you can start with Common cards that you’ll receive for free.

Sorare: MLB – get started

3. How does the game actually work?

As a manager, you have to arrange line-ups that generally consist of seven players. Your team will then compete against other managers. Changes can be made until the start of a game week. That means you can take short-term injuries into account or move players into the line-up that are in good form.

All points that you have scored with your players are added up at the end of a game week. If you’ve secured one of the top spots, you’ll get another card as a prize. These cards can be offered on the transfer market or integrated into your gallery.

4. What are the most important things after joining?

Every new player can register for Sorare: MLB for free to test the game without any risks. The trading cards you will get for free after your registration cannot be offered on the transfer market, but you can create your first lineups and participate in a league for beginners. Overall, you can find the answer to the question “What is Sorare?” for yourself.

You should only start buying cards on the market when you are familiar with the overall concept. With a good strategy, you will have a good chance of long-term success. But one thing might be even more important. You can show all your friends that you’re a really good general manager!

Conclusion – what is Sorare?

What is Sorare and how much potential does this platform have? Many football fans are already enthusiastic about it. During a financing round in September 2021, Sorare raised more than $500 million to finance both the football expansion and the integration of other kinds of sports. Baseball was announced as the first new sport in May 2022 .

You want to test Sorare: MLB now? Then you can register for free and start playing today

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