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On this page, you can find answers to many frequently asked questions about the market on Sorare: MLB. There is even more information available in the ‘Help’ section on Sorare’s official website. If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with the Sorare support or contact us directly.

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How do I buy a card on Sorare: MLB?

You can buy baseball cards which have been newly minted during auctions on the transfer market. When another manager places a higher bid, your bid will be instantly refunded to your wallet. If you have placed a bid with your credit card, your card will not be charged.

Placing a bid during an auction for a new card is easy. You just have to bid on the player card and wait for the auction to end. If another user submits a higher bid, you will be notified and you still have the opportunity to place a higher bid before the scheduled end time for the respective auction. As soon as the auction ends, the manager with the highest bid purchases the card which is then transferred to their gallery.

In addition to the auctions, cards are also offered by other managers. If you buy one of these cards, it will be added to your own gallery and it can immediately be used in fantasy tournaments.

What happens if I am outbid at an auction?

Each time you bid at an auction using your credit card, your bank or credit card provider authorizes a charge. If you have enough funds in your Sorare wallet, the respective amount will be reserved. If another manager puts in a higher bid and you don’t win the auction, the authorization on your credit card is cancelled or the amount in your Sorare wallet is no longer reserved. You will only have to pay if you win the auction.

How do I sell baseball cards on the market?

The cards that can be sold are the Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique cards. Common cards, i.e. those cards that you receive after signing up, cannot be sold.

As soon as you have purchased a card and you have been recorded as the owner of that card, you can click on the card in your gallery. On the card’s page, you can then find an option to put it up for sale.

Simply enter your price and confirm the sale, the card will then be on the market for 48 hours. If the card is not purchased by another manager, it will remain in your gallery.

If another manager buys the card, you will receive an in-game notification (you can also get an email notification; you can edit the various types of notifications in your personal settings). The balance in your Sorare wallet will be updated immediately as soon as the transfer has been completed. Completion normally takes just a few seconds but it may take a little bit longer in some cases. The current status of the transfer can be found on the card’s page.

If you enter a tournament and a card that you have used in one of your teams is sold before the deadline, you will receive a message as the team will be cancelled. When a card is sold after the deadline, the score will still count for the ongoing tournament.

How long do I need to wait for a card or for ETH after I’ve bought or sold a card?

Sorare is usually able to process transactions very quickly, most transfers are confirmed within seconds. However, there can be delays during the transfer of cards as well as ETH. This is due to technical reasons, but you can use any card that you have bought immediately in one of your fantasy baseball rosters, even if the transaction itself has not yet been completed.

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Additional questions and answers about the market

There are even more frequently asked questions regarding the transfer market on Sorare as well as other game-related topics on the official website (go to the ‘Help’ section). You can also send a request directly to the Sorare support.

Moreover, we have put together some more FAQs on the following pages:

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