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Step up to the plate – how do I sign up?

Many baseball fans are obviously interested in one question: how can I register for fantasy baseball on Sorare? Registration and the first steps afterwards are very simple. Here are the most important points before starting up.

Playing on Sorare – easy and fun

You can register for free on Sorare to create your own fantasy baseball team. You just have to specify the name of your team and select a logo (although the logo is optional and can be added later). When you’re done with those details, you can select your first Common card from a couple of big names in the MLB.

Once you have selected your first star player, you will receive a random selection that includes 12 additional Common cards. These cards are free and can be used in your first real tournaments, but they can’t be sold to other managers (unlike those cards that you can buy on the transfer market later).

Every manager gets the same distribution of Common cards after registering on Sorare:

  • 4 Starting Pitchers
  • 2 Relief Pitchers
  • 2 Corner Infielders
  • 2 Middle Infielders
  • 2 Outfielders

These cards are a selection of players from all MLB teams currently playing in the American League (West, Central, East) and the National League (West, Central, East). 

All in all, Sorare makes it as easy as possible to register and have fun with your own team straight away. You will quickly learn all about the unique appeal of fantasy baseball on this innovative platform.

If you have any further questions, you will find a lot of information and useful background knowledge on our website. You can also send us a message at any time through our website or on social media.

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