Fantasy baseball on Sorare: MLB – frequently asked questions

On this page, you can find answers to many frequently asked questions about the rules of fantasy baseball on Sorare. You can also find some links to relevant information on the Sorare website where you can find a comprehensive ‘Help’ section. If you have any further questions, you can get in touch with the Sorare support or contact us directly.

You haven’t signed up yet? Then you should register an account on Sorare using this link and try fantasy baseball for free. Based on experience, we know that virtually all questions which potential managers have before signing up will be quickly answered by simply playing the free Sorare version.

How does the roster for a tournament look like?

For every tournament on Sorare: MLB, the roster follows the same requirements. There are always seven players which include a starting pitcher, a relief pitcher, a corner infielder, a middle infielder and an outfielder. In addition, you can use another hitter as well as a flex position which can filled by any player. More details about the roster setup and the scoring system can be found here.

Why are there cards in different colours?

On Sorare: MLB, you can find cards in different scarcities which are easy to identify based on the colour coding. Limited cards, for example, are yellow and there is a limit of 5000 cards per player and season. For Rare cards (red), the limit is 1000 cards per player and season, for Super Rare cards (blue), it is 100 cards. Finally, there are black Unique cards which are only issued once per player and season.

The different cards allow you to enter different types of tournaments. Prizes for these fantasy baseball tournaments are based on the types of cards that you need to participate.

Can I try fantasy baseball on Sorare: MLB for free?

Of course! You can register on the website and immediately receive a set of digital cards which you can use to set up your first roster and compete in your first tournament. These cards are so-called Common cards which cannot be sold on the market. However, you can always use them in the Common All Star league where you can continue to compete for free without any restrictions. If you finish high enough in the rankings, you can even win a Limited card which will then be added to your gallery. You can keep this card and get additional ones to enter further tournaments or you can choose to put the card on sale.

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Additional questions and answers about fantasy baseball

There are even more frequently asked questions about the fantasy baseball tournaments on Sorare: MLB and other game-related topics on the website under the ‘Help’ section. You can also send a request to the official Sorare support on the website.

In addition, we have compiled some further answers on the following pages:

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