Baseball on Sorare – starting in a few weeks

A few weeks ago, the co-founder of Sorare announced in an interview that two more sports are set to be integrated this year. There has already been initial speculation about golf, but another sport is now official: starting this summer, there will be baseball available on Sorare .

The company has signed an official partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) and with MLB Players, Inc., the corporate subsidiary of the Players Association. The proven concept, a free-to-play fantasy game, will be translated to baseball on Sorare. Not all aspects of the existing soccer (football) game can be copied. Among other things, there will be no cash prizes for the best players, winners will only be able to obtain additional baseball cards for their own galleries or for resale on the Sorare marketplace. That is due to strict gambling regulations in the US as well as internal MLB policies.

In general, however, not only baseball fans can look forward to an exciting addition to the existing portfolio. Sorare’s concept has already been a massive success. According to the company, there are currently more than 1.8 million registered users from 185 countries worldwide. This number is likely to increase significantly with the start of baseball on Sorare.

The MLB and baseball on Sorare

MLB is the oldest professional sports league in the world. Its beginnings date back to 1869 when the first professional team was formed in Cincinnati. Today, the MLB is the second-largest league in the world in terms of revenue, only the NFL generates higher revenues.

At the moment, 30 teams are part of the league (29 in the US, one team is based in Canada). The schedule begins with spring training, which runs from February until the start of the regular season. The regular season traditionally begins in the first week of April, with all teams playing a total of 162 games before the playoffs start in October.

What baseball will actually look like at Sorare is not yet known. However, the large number of games will certainly ensure that there will be a number of opportunities for fantasy tournaments. There should be more details on this shortly; we will present all information on our website.

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