Golf on Sorare – new sport coming soon?

Rumors have been brewing for a few weeks, but golf on Sorare seems to be getting a little more concrete now. Various media reports, such as this article on , have talked about such plans in the past few days. The PGA Tour reportedly wants to start marketing non-fungible tokens or NFTs. In addition to Autograph, a company co-founded by star quarterback Tom Brady, Sorare is also said to be a PGA Tour partner.

The PGA Tour operates the largest golf tour in the world. This tournament series largely takes place in the US, but tournaments are also organized in some other countries. In order to participate in the tournaments, all pros have to qualify. There are typically 200 to 250 golfers in possession of a tour card each season.

Fantasy golf is already available on the PGA Tour website. The concept which Sorare has turned into a great success with soccer over the past two years can therefore be transferred quite easily. However, it is currently not possible to say exactly when golf will actually be available on Sorare.

Golf on Sorare already this summer?

According to several media reports, the PGA Tour has so far informed their pros via email about the basics of the planned NFT partnerships. As a result, each professional must make an individual choice to participate in this form of marketing. In return, the best players from the previous season receive a fixed sum, and all pros on the PGA Tour receive a share of ongoing earnings. The athletes do not have to make any effort of their own.

It is currently not possible to say when golf will be available on Sorare and when the NFTs with video highlights will be available on Autograph. However, the opportunity for additional income should be very tempting for the vast majority of golf professionals involved. A start in the summer or autumn of this year is currently a realistic perspective. We will of course keep an eye on developments and present all relevant information on our own website on the subject .

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